Thursday’s mystery

– A long time ago, in Dunkeld, a little and calm village of Scotland, lived an in love young
couple, Harry and Jenny, everyone in Dunkeld knew them, they were very kind and caritative
people, but suddenly Harry was found dead, because of that Jenny became mad and lonely.
The police did not find the killer, and she decided to look for him herself. She dreamt the
characteristics of her husband killer, he was white and 1.85 metres tall. It looked like a 40
years old man.

After Jenny had that dream, every Thursday, the day of Harry’s death, a man of those
characteristics mysteriously died. Everyone in the village was afraid of Jenny, because she
was completely out of control. A few weeks later, the police discovered that the real Harry’s
killer was her own wife who was not aware of her actions; when Jenny realised of that she
was no able to accepted it and, that Thursday, she killed herself in the same place her
husband’s body appears.

After the events the whole village was shocked and scared and, since that moment, every
Thursday night at the scene of the murder; mysterious and heartbreaking shouts were

Sofia Guillem Gamborino