If you are wondering if you should study Spanish, keep reading. These are some reasons why it is worth it:

State of Spanish report

Last October 12th, Instituto Cervantes presented in New York the report on the state of Spanish in the world. And yes, the number of Spanish speakers continues to expand. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world (after English and Chinese) with more than 580 million people who use it daily.

It is the mother tongue of 483 million people and official language in 21 states. The forecast, if Trump allows it, is that in 2060 the United States will be the second country with more Spanish speakers, after Mexico. There are more than 20 million English students. The countries in which we find more Spanish students are: United States, Brazil, France, Italy or United Kingdom.

Spanish has a very important presence in various fields such as international trade, business, diplomatic and international relations, literature, social networks … As a result, it is a language that currently enjoys great popularity and continues to grow every day.

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